Episode 16 – Nora and Johnny Embark on Psychedelic Expedition!


When I was busy troubleshooting the problems with my recording setup in preparation for my conversation with Nora the Janitor (as documented in episodes 14 and 15), Nora’s recording machine in North Dakota was recording. I took that raw voice track, and overdubbed all kinds of stuff on top of it. It took approximately 5 hours.

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 15 – Conversation With Nora! Part 2: Other Difficulties


In this episode, I continue sitting down with Bismarck’s own Nora the Janitor, of the bands Nora and the Janitors, Citizen Scientist, Tall Girlfriend, and many more. Nora also hosts the Prairie Goth podcast. This conversation gets even REALER, so strap in and prepare to blast off!

Please call one of us if you have any questions.

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Stay tuned, because soon I will be releasing part 3, which, despite being “bonus content,” will be far more professionally produced. So give me a week or so to get that together.

Episode 14 – Conversation With Nora! Part 1: Technical Difficulties


In this episode, I sit down with Bismarck’s own Nora the Janitor, of the bands Nora and the Janitors, Citizen Scientist, Tall Girlfriend, and many more. Nora also hosts the Prairie Goth podcast. For a large part of this lengthy dialogue, we simply work out the technical difficulties inherent in our cross-country recording setup. A professional podcast would have cut this part out. But I left it, because it’s REAL.

This is a real conversation from two friends who haven’t sat down ever to have a real conversation before.

Please call one of us if you have any questions.

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Episode 13 – Johnny Unicorn Cleans His Room!


In this exciting episode of the Johnny Unicorn Show, I motivate myself to clean my room by talking to my podcast listeners as I do it. Does that sound exciting? Does it sound boring? Either way, I’m sure you’ll be right as you join me in cleaning my room.

Warning: The audio quality is pretty bad, since I’m moving around a lot. It’s a little like the jogging episode.

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 12 – Zorznijor – “Hoser Instrumental Archive” Complete Analysis


In episode 12 of the Johnny Unicorn Show, you’ll get a song by song analysis of the most under-rated pre-amateur triple demo album of 2016! Hear behind-the-scenes stories! Get the inside info on the 21st century’s most hard-to-categorize artist! Learn a little about yourself along the way, perhaps! Then go listen to the album at full volume!

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Episode 11 – Jeff Salamander and Johnny Unicorn Listen to Lady Gaga!


In this very exciting episode, I sit down with local singer/socialite Jeff Salamander, and we put on the bold new masterpiece from the queen of outlandishness herself, Lady Gaga. “Joanne,” in typical fourth-album fashion marks a departure for this pop star into realms previously unknown. If her third album was just getting her feet wet, this album is her up to her waist. Listen to me and Jeff as we analyze, commentate, and go gaga over this fabulous anthem for post-naive U.S.A.

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Topics discussed:
LADY GAGA! (obviously)
Jeff’s new video, “Alvarado”

Episode 10 – Amateur Journalism: The Anti-Trump Protests In Seattle


I had the pleasure of attending two Seattle protests the weekend of Donald Trump’s inauguration. On this episode I talk about it, and share with you the audio I recorded there.

I’ve never done anything journalistic before. I don’t even have a journal. But I figured it couldn’t be that hard to record some people and cut all the clips together into a listenable segment. Could it?

There’s only one way to find out (contains swears):

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Episode 9 – Daniel Desrosiers! And surprise guests, Jeff and Naomi!

I was walking around the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, trying to find a quiet coffeeshop. Having failed at that project, I texted Daniel Timothy Desrosiers of the band His Many Colored Fruit to see if he was available for a podcast session. He was! Later on, Jeff and Naomi show up, and we had to hook up another machine in order to mic everybody. It was worth it!

Dan lives right next to some powerful radio antennas, so there was a lot of radio interference. But despite that, we had a very fruitful conversation. Take a listen, but beware: the conversation gets progressively more obscene. Expect a couple of dozen swear words in this nearly 2 hour conversation.

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Topics discussed:
Small talk
Meaty clackers
Opt-out pop-in
Spider beard

Episode 8 – 2016, the Year of Zorznijor


Hello! Let me tell you about my momentous year of 2016. In 2016 I did so much stuff that I had a hard time remembering all of it. This podcast episode is my attempt at recounting every artistic thing I did in the year 2016. Also, I give you a sneak peak into what to expect from me in the year 2017. Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

Motern Media
Blender 3d
Jesse Mercury