Episode 6 – Johnny Unicorn Goes Jogging!


In the interest of keeping this podcast new and fresh every episode, I’ve come up with a new and fresh way to do the show. While jogging!

You’ve NEVER heard a podcast like this. I went jogging, and recorded the whole thing. It is completely unedited, and it’s thrillingly amateur production. As a bonus, I got over a big fear I’ve had of going out in public and talking to myself into a recording device. You’ve always wanted to hear someone jogging, and NOW YOU CAN!


Topics discussed (spoiler alert!):
Apartment complexes replacing houses
Disgusting fruit
Ultimate frisbee
Being in public
Dogs in tennis courts
People drawing penises on murals
I-90 bridge

Episode 4 – Casual Conversation With My Brother About Aesthetics

I return with my brother for a second episode to discuss mainly music. Music we like, music other people like, music we make. Also, philosophy:

Topics discussed:
Wilho Elo
the Cure
Jacques Ranciere (the Politics of Aesthetics)
Douglas Rushkoff (Present Shock)
Bossa Nova
Michael Jackson’s grunting
The price of Genesis tickets
Leonard Cohen

Episode 3 – A Casual Conversation With My Brother About Politics

We talk about the recent election of that guy who gets power from people saying his name.

Plus, we talk about a million other things.

This is my first time doing something like this (talking to another person on a podcast without that other person being the host), so keep that in mind. I am aware of my tendency not to enunciate. But I’m a work in progress. Listen below!

Some of the people and things mentioned in this podcast:
Karl Marx (definition of class)
Eli Pariser (the Filter Bubble)
Gilbert Simondon
Networks and Netwars (published by the RAND Corporation)
Derrick Bell (interest convergence)
Infowar (not the thing you’re thinking of)

Episode 2 – Hat of Questions Live


On October 16th, 2016, Johnny Unicorn moderated a Q&A panel in the Mabel Valley living room, right outside his bedroom door, immediately after some wonderful musical performances. The panelists were Micah Jerome Ellison, Jeff Salamander, Daniel Desrosiers, Kira Shea, Jason Shao, Brian Woodbury, Susan Colowick, and Shayne Ryan. Audience members provided questions at the beginning of the evening, and Johnny read them out of a hat. It was a joyful evening of friendly laughter. Naomi Adele Smith co-organized the event, and provided delicious food.

If you like hats, this is the podcast episode for you. (Warning: swears)

The bands that played:

Brian Woodbury (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXEQCIEUnJ0)

His Many Colored Fruit (http://hismanycoloredfruit.bandcamp.com)

Micah Jerome Ellison

Episode 1 – Reading lyrics


What a momentous occasion! For the first episode of the Johnny Unicorn Show, your host brings you on a dark, perilous journey through the deepest, smelliest caves of his twisted mind. You’ll hear the tortured soul of Johnny Unicorn spilling out all over the page in a slimy spatter of words. Rhymes you thought were impossible will be brought to life by Johnny’s unmatched verbal expertise. And when the nightmare is over, you will be compelled to type “Zorznijor – the Day the Earth Stood the Test of Time Forgot” into your favorite search engine or streaming service, where further nightmares await.

But beware! Once you press this play button, you can never escape from the Johnny Unicorn Show!