Episode 23 – Etymology with Naomi and Susie


In this episode, Johnny hangs out with Naomi and Susie, and reads a letter from Seattle songwriter, Micah Ellison, then Johnny makes them take an etymology quiz.

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JOHNNY UNICORN: It’s Monday, March 12th, 2018, and here’s the news:

Radiohead — you know Radiohead? — they are going on a North American tour. Continue reading “Episode 23 – Etymology with Naomi and Susie”

Episode 22 – Letter to Nora


In this episode, Johnny responds to Nora’s questions. Plus, the latest news and Untweeted Tweets!

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Welcome to the Johnny Unicorn Show, my name is Johnny Unicorn, and you are listening to the Johnny Unicorn Show. Today’s show is brought to you by the Johnny Unicorn Show, the only show to advertise itself on itself. Now, let’s go to the show: Continue reading “Episode 22 – Letter to Nora”

Episode 21 – Leaving Facebook / Untweeted Tweets


In this episode, after a six month podcasting hiatus, Johnny tries out a new format, provides an explanation for all but leaving social media, showcases some new music, and reads some Untweeted Tweets.

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It’s Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, and I am coming to you from Seattle, WA where it is snowing outside as I record this. Continue reading “Episode 21 – Leaving Facebook / Untweeted Tweets”

Episode 19 – World Motern Day Extravaganza!


In this episode, I travel to the other side of the United States to witness a performance by the world’s most prolific songwriter, Matt Farley. Matt Farley is the proprieter of Motern Media and has written over 18,000 songs, has made a bunch of movies, has performed on the Tonight Show, and for the first time ever, with the help of his crew of talented friends, he has put on a concert to showcase his best work. Hear my thoughts as I travel this country’s roads alone to the only destination that called to me this year, and as I talk face to face with Moternheads from across the continent.

1. For not having better questions prepared
2. For forgetting to wish Matt a happy birthday (though he pretty much did that himself)
3. For the stilted talking – I have a hard time talking off the cuff, and just as hard of a time reading off a page.

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Go to http://moternmedia.com for all your Motern needs.

Episode 18 – Extremely Jesse Mercury

JUSHOW-18(photo from 2013)

In this episode, I sit down and converse with my good friend Jesse Mercury. He is a sci-fi fan, sci-fi musician, and sci-fi podcaster, and all around great person. Listen to us talk about our innermost feelings:

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Find Jesse’s stuff here:

Episode 17 – Conversation with Daniel O’Connell


In this episode of the Johnny Unicorn Show, I sit down with Seattle comedian, cafe owner, and upcoming rapper Daniel O’Connell. We had a fun evening of talking, and I think you’ll really like it.

That song you hear at the end is by Daniel O’Connell, and produced by Jesse Mercury.

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Episode 16 – Nora and Johnny Embark on Psychedelic Expedition!


When I was busy troubleshooting the problems with my recording setup in preparation for my conversation with Nora the Janitor (as documented in episodes 14 and 15), Nora’s recording machine in North Dakota was recording. I took that raw voice track, and overdubbed all kinds of stuff on top of it. It took approximately 5 hours.

Thank you for listening!

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Episode 15 – Conversation With Nora! Part 2: Other Difficulties


In this episode, I continue sitting down with Bismarck’s own Nora the Janitor, of the bands Nora and the Janitors, Citizen Scientist, Tall Girlfriend, and many more. Nora also hosts the Prairie Goth podcast. This conversation gets even REALER, so strap in and prepare to blast off!

Please call one of us if you have any questions.

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Stay tuned, because soon I will be releasing part 3, which, despite being “bonus content,” will be far more professionally produced. So give me a week or so to get that together.

Episode 14 – Conversation With Nora! Part 1: Technical Difficulties


In this episode, I sit down with Bismarck’s own Nora the Janitor, of the bands Nora and the Janitors, Citizen Scientist, Tall Girlfriend, and many more. Nora also hosts the Prairie Goth podcast. For a large part of this lengthy dialogue, we simply work out the technical difficulties inherent in our cross-country recording setup. A professional podcast would have cut this part out. But I left it, because it’s REAL.

This is a real conversation from two friends who haven’t sat down ever to have a real conversation before.

Please call one of us if you have any questions.

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