Episode 2 – Hat of Questions Live


On October 16th, 2016, Johnny Unicorn moderated a Q&A panel in the Mabel Valley living room, right outside his bedroom door, immediately after some wonderful musical performances. The panelists were Micah Jerome Ellison, Jeff Salamander, Daniel Desrosiers, Kira Shea, Jason Shao, Brian Woodbury, Susan Colowick, and Shayne Ryan. Audience members provided questions at the beginning of the evening, and Johnny read them out of a hat. It was a joyful evening of friendly laughter. Naomi Adele Smith co-organized the event, and provided delicious food.

If you like hats, this is the podcast episode for you. (Warning: swears)

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The bands that played:

Brian Woodbury (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXEQCIEUnJ0)

His Many Colored Fruit (http://hismanycoloredfruit.bandcamp.com)

Micah Jerome Ellison

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