Episode 9 – Daniel Desrosiers! And surprise guests, Jeff and Naomi!

I was walking around the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, trying to find a quiet coffeeshop. Having failed at that project, I texted Daniel Timothy Desrosiers of the band His Many Colored Fruit to see if he was available for a podcast session. He was! Later on, Jeff and Naomi show up, and we had to hook up another machine in order to mic everybody. It was worth it!

Dan lives right next to some powerful radio antennas, so there was a lot of radio interference. But despite that, we had a very fruitful conversation. Take a listen, but beware: the conversation gets progressively more obscene. Expect a couple of dozen swear words in this nearly 2 hour conversation.

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Topics discussed:
Small talk
Meaty clackers
Opt-out pop-in
Spider beard

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