Question Mark on the Hill

From Nightflower by Zorznijor

Bell pepper and I
Will definitely be
Interested in
Having a discussion of the day

I am not sure if you are interested in the show

Are you almost home?
U can be used to be

The only thing that you are not satisfied
I don’t feel bad
The whole city is red, white,
And I think
If I shout out to be a question mark on the hill.

You will find out what I have a hat, for the show
I have been violent
And it will take place on Saturday
And then we have now, and it works out for you
I’ve been a while
But I still have the same time

Naomi doesn’t mean you can’t find the right
Direction of my friends, family room with fireplace
And it will take place on Saturday
And then we have now
But hopefully it will be Micah, Fruit, then you
And they’ll be doing pretty well
I shouldn’t have to worry about it

I also don’t want to get rid of the concept of time
I tried to offer to make sure I didn’t take long for me
John Adams wrote on the hill.

Recorded and performed by Johnny Unicorn